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Pitfalls to Avoid When Investing in Property

3 Mars 2017

Investing in property can be potentially very lucrative if done well. There are many pitfalls to avoid when investing in property and successfully navigating the minefield is a key to earning a significant profit in property investment. Here are some pitfalls that you should try to avoid.

Not Having Cash Reserves

One of the biggest mistakes when someone is investing in property is to spread themselves too thin. It is important to have some cash reserves set aside in case of an emergency springing up. Otherwise, a broken hot water boiler or emergency roof repair may leave you in need of liquidating your property investment holding. If you are going to rent out your property to a tenant, be aware that the tenant can potentially stiff you a few months of rent and be prepared to cover that shortfall out of your cash reserves.

Not Understanding the Local Real Estate Market

There is a saying that all real estate is local and there is a lot of truth to this. What is true in one real estate market is not true in another and landlords need to be aware of both the local real estate market in terms of the price of the real estate that you are going to buy, as well as the market for renting property that you own. You will need to be aware of who is in the market for renting property in the local area you own property in, such as families or college students, and the money that they have available to support you.

Taking a Short Term Approach

It is important to take a long term approach to Property investment Birmingham. A major reason why people will lose money on property investments is through taking a short term approach to owning property and making a quick buck as opposed to having a long term approach to property investment.

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